Race Theories and the Law 1930-2024

The article by Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon in the Feb. 21-27 issue about the World Economic Forum was a very interesting overview of modern history.

During World War II, Switzerland was a neutral country. While the war was raging in nearby countries, the corporate leaders of these countries were able to continue doing their regular business as usual through the Swiss banking system. Apparently this practice has continued through the years. At first mainly financial ideas have been exchanged. gradually other ideas like climate change and immigration were exchanged.

The article mentioned that each ‘ism’ used these ideas like clay in the hands of a potter, for their own purpose. Critical race theory, which harms the general public but benefits socialists, has become the raison d’etre for all forms of socialism. Critical Race Theory reverses the Master Race Theory used by the Nazis – National Socialists, during the Hitler Regime.

In the 1920’s a group of Paleo-Anthropologists toured the world. They were looking for the origin of the human race. They couldn’t find this group, so they came to the conclusion that the German people were this original master race. They used the term Aryan for these people. Ironically this word came from the Hebrew word or meaning light. The Aryans were light skinned, blond and blue eyed. The Nazi leaders picked up this idea to impose it on the German population for the purpose of controlling them This turned out to be the pure evil banner under which Hitler started World War II and continued throughout the war. This caused the slaughter of millions of people.

The theory said – we are an Aryan people. All the problems in the world are caused by those who are not Aryan. We therefore have to control the world. Non-aryans must serve us, but the Jews must be exterminated.

The question can be: how do you impose this idea on a population, when the top 3 leaders, Hitler Goebbels and Göring do not qualify as Aryans. Children in some schools can look around and notice that no one in their class looks like a good Aryan. You start by creating laws defining race, the Nuremberg Laws.. You are a proven Aryan according to parents and grandparents You may not marry a non-aryan. Jews lost their jobs. All things like books or music produced by Jews had to be destroyed. Eventually this culminated in Kristallnacht in 1938. Massive destruction of Jewish property, dehumanizing, arresting and even murdering Jews. This was all done legally, under German law. Insurance companies did not have to compensate – under law. It was all the fault of Jews That is how law was used to control

Then you form a terrorist organization, the Gestapo, and build concentration camps. A network of agents is sent throughout the country to gather information. If a comedian says – I’m a blond Aryan like Hitler, he lands up in a concentration camp. If a Catholic priest speaks in a church and says Hitler is not our god, he lands up in a concentration camp. Neither his peers or superiors come to his aid. Some students in a universities tried to pass out anti-Nazi leaflets. They were executed. That is how German law controlled the population.

No one is really safe in this sort of a system. In 1934 thousands of loyal Nazis were murdered in one night on Hitler’s order. He didn’t want any competition. No questions were raised. There was no outcry of foul play. It was yesterday’s news. Ten years later, in 1944, General Rommel was suspected of knowing about the plot to kill Hitler. He was the general who almost reached the Suez Canal in 1942 He later built Fortress Europe, causing the Allies to lose men and time during the Dday invasion Yet he lived the last 3 months of his life, knowing that the government was going to kill him. He could do nothing to save his own life. Even Himmler, the master of the Gestapo, spent the last few days of his life running from his own Gestapo.

Today’s Critical Race Theory is a reversal of the Master Race Theory. The message is — all the problems in the world are caused by white people, the oppressors, who oppressed and exploited people of color, the oppressed people. We need justice and equity to correct this situation. Therefore we will create our own justice system to achieve equity. We will decide who is a racist. Biracial Obama is an African American. Kamala Harris is a Black woman. Clarence Thomas and Larry Elder are the black face of white supremacy. Elizabeth Warren is a true Native American. In general, any black who does not vote Democratic is not black. We will set up our own justice system. Any one who disagrees with us is automatically guilty of a crime. All reasoning, logic, evidence, or proof of innocence, will be ignored or denied.

I saw the newsreel of the raid on Trump’s home in Florida. My reaction was that you can take this newsreel and place it in a documentary of the Nazi Germany; it will not be out of place.

These are tough times in the U.S. We can only pray to G-d, the ultimate Master over Global Powers and the World Economic Forum.