“My Body, My Choice” at the Supreme Court

writing letter to the editor

Guest post by Bubby

Bubby recently (May 25, 2022) had a letter published in The Epoch Times.

May 11 Picture of Supreme Court Barricade

The slogan “my body, my choice,” in the picture of pro-abortion signs hanging on a police barricade at the Supreme Court, never made logical sense. Especially now, after 2 1/2 years of mandated masks in all public places and mandated vaccinations in the workplace. It’s obvious that we no longer have a choice about my body. As a result of all this mandating, the “friendly skies of United,” have become very unfriendly between passengers and crew. Receptionists in doctor’s offices, who would greet you with a smile, now greet you with a reminder to wear a mask. Teachers have a harder time teaching.

For 2 1/2 years many mayors and governors would give daily directions on where you can take your body. There were arbitrary rules as to when and where you could travel, shop, worship, and eat. A valid vaccine passport was required for simply going somewhere to eat. This negated all the health privacy laws that have been in effect for many years. Nancy Pelosi was publicly shamed because she committed the crime of taking care of her own hair, when this was against the law for other people.

The slogan “my body, my choice” never made sense before the pandemic. If we had full control of our bodies, there would be no need for medical specialties of infertility, or high risk pregnancy. There would be no need for intensive care sections in hospitals. There would be no need for adoption agencies. We would all live like the people in the Dr. Seuss book “ You’re Only Old Once”:

In those green-pastured mountains of Fortta-fa-Zee Everybody feels fine at a hundred and three, ‘cause the air that they breathe is potassium-free and because they chew nuts from the Tutt-a-Tutt Tree. This give strength to their teeth, it gives length to their hair, and they live without doctors, with nary a care.

It would be nice if the abortion rights crowd would stop and think for a minute, “What if my mother chose to use her reproductive rights while pregnant with me?”